Month: July 2023

What are Acoustical Ceilings used for?

The acoustic quality of a room can affect communication, comfort, and productivity. Noise is a major complaint. Excessive noise can lead to stress, fatigue, and decreased performance. Ceilings that absorb or reflect sound reduce echo and reverberation. These ceilings are available in many styles and materials, including polyethylene felts and cementitious wood fibres. Soundproofing Acoustical…

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Steps to Building Jeeps

Jeep builds offer a great opportunity to customize your vehicle. It's essential to understand how the Jeep build works. Adding larger tires and a lifted kit can make your Jeep look better, and can also increase off road performance because it gives you more clearance. Modifications are not without risk. They can negatively impact the…

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Benefits of Dance Lessons

There’s something about dancing that just makes you feel better. It could be the endorphins from exercising, or perhaps it’s that grooving to your favorite tunes can take your mind off your worries. Dance also teaches balance and spatial awareness. And because children spend a lot of time with their classmates, they learn to be…

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